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The latest Subordinate Voting Shares can not be changed into some other group off shares

Ngày đăng : 03/07/2022

The latest Subordinate Voting Shares can not be changed into some other group off shares

No subdivision or consolidation of your own Subordinate Voting Shares and/or Numerous Voting Shares might be accomplished unless of course, meanwhile, the newest Several Voting Offers or even the Under Voting Offers, as the circumstances elizabeth style and on the same base

Offers therefore deemed to possess come converted getting Using Voting Offers, and you will topic otherwise reason enough to be granted a certificate or certificates representing the brand new Under Voting Offers given up on the automatic sales regarding particularly Multiple Voting Offers, and/or equivalent in any low-certificated directory system given by one relevant depository or import representative of Firm, and you will, facing bill off eg holder of one's certificate or permits representing the fresh Several Voting Shares in respect from which including conversion process possess come deemed having already been exercised, as the relevant, send so you're able to such as for example owner a certificate otherwise licenses representing the Subordinate Voting Offers issued abreast of the newest automatic sales of these Multiple Voting Shares, or perhaps the comparable in just about any non-certificated directory program given of the one applicable depository otherwise transfer agent of the Company. When the less than all of the Multiple Voting Shares illustrated because of the one certificate try automatically translated, the fresh new proprietor can be eligible to located a new certification representing the newest Several Voting Offers portrayed because of the amazing certification that are not translated facing beginning of such modern certification.

and you may, in just about any such as for example case, the corporation should, in the their debts, energetic by such go out, cure or result in the elimination of the appropriate number of Allowed Owners about register regarding happn mobile site proprietors in respect of your Numerous Voting Offers at the mercy of particularly automatic conversion process, add the relevant number of Enabled Owners to your check in out of people according of ensuing Using Voting Shares, terminate otherwise cause the termination of every certification otherwise permits symbolizing the Multiple Voting Offers so converted for Subordinate Voting Offers, and issue otherwise reason enough to be provided a certification otherwise permits representing the new Under Voting Shares granted upon the brand new automated conversion off eg Several Voting Shares, or perhaps the comparable in virtually any non-certificated list program applied because of the one appropriate depository otherwise import agent of your Company, and you can, up against receipt regarding the associated set of Permitted People of your own certificate otherwise certificates symbolizing the brand new Multiple Voting Offers in respect out of and therefore such as

For every the Numerous Voting Share may any time, in the accessibility to the brand new owner, getting changed into that totally paid back and low-assessable Subordinate Voting Share, about after the manner:

automatic conversion process enjoys took place, once the applicable, send so you're able to instance proprietors a certificate or certificates representing the fresh Using Voting Shares awarded upon the brand new automated conversion process of these Numerous Voting Shares, or the equivalent in almost any noncertificated directory program applied by any applicable depository or import representative of one's Corporation.

topic (regarding including price) into the past concur of transfers however, at a high price not less than (i) whether your Distributed Ties are Using Voting Offers, the cost from which Subordinate Voting Offers is actually after that becoming provided or delivered; (ii) whether your Distributed Bonds is Convertible Securities, the purchase price where brand new applicable Convertible Bonds is actually up coming are approved otherwise distributed; and (iii) should your Marketed Securities is actually Subject Voting Offers besides Subordinate Voting Shares, the higher off (A) brand new adjusted mediocre price of the new transactions into the Using Voting Shares to the Toronto Stock market (or such as for instance other top stock market on which they are noted, since instance could be) toward 20 trading days before the brand new Shipments of these Topic Voting Shares or (B) the fresh new weighted mediocre cost of transactions on Subordinate Voting Offers towards Toronto Stock market (otherwise such as almost every other number one stock market on what he or she is noted, since the circumstances is), the fresh new change day till the Delivery of such Topic Voting Offers.

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Nguyên liệu đốt đa dạng như: trấu, củi trấu, củi cây, than đá, vỏ cà phê, cùi bắp;

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