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This was the first thing that I asked myself

Ngày đăng : 25/06/2022

This was the first thing that I asked myself

You would find your local mayor, governor, customs agent, senator, vice mayor, local police chief, etc own everything in town

Hi, do the agency concern strictly requires owner's authority or knowledge with regards to the verification of the land title, assuming that the owner had provided already the buyer a copy of the TCT?

Unfortunately, the best they can offer is a kiosk that's connected to their closed network. I think you can find one of these kiosks at your Municipal or City Hall.

I have had numerous issues with property in the Philippines. You name it, we have encountered it. Fake titles another family claims they purchased, squatters, forgery, agrarian reform, cheating farmer-tenants, over-charged assessments, NPA, etc. I used to think the Philippines was the biggest bunch of greedy idiots when it came to property and property rights. What I came to find out is the gov't is not stupid when it comes to property rights, just greedy, lazy, incompetent, and could care less about the property rights of their citizens. The reason they do not want things online is because you will easily be able to look up who owns what. They purposely keep the records scattered and in disarray on purpose. After CJ Corona got busted, I noticed a big change in the way local records are researched. They intentionally made it more difficult to hide their holdings. In the USA, the property records have been online for over 15 years. It's not difficult to do and it would greatly improve a system that desperately needs it. It would benefit the country and society, however would threaten the livlihood of a few corrupt A-holes. The people at the LRA are more than happy to assist you quickly. for an “extra fee” of course so they don't care about YOUR hassle or headaches. So, instead the masses suffer.

i very much agree with you mate in the sense that there is already a standing Philippine Jurisprudence regarding fake land titles yet not every netizens are aware about because it is being kept burried in a pandora's box. Unless you have the will to dig real deep then, you will surely know the truth.

140-D yun nakalagay sa title ko.. ano po ba ung administrative title na tinatawag?? ano pagkakaiba nya po sa 109-D. salamat.

So, that leaves ordinary people with the hassle of having to triple check the sellers claims and the ease people can get scammed

what about checking this online: the decision of Judge Agana under Civil Case: LR 3957-P (DWCA) which was AFFIRMED AND CONFIRMED by SUPREME COURT EN BANC DECISION under #G.R.NO.103727 and #G.R.NO.106496 (with reference to pages 80 and 125 of the case LR 3957-P [DWCA] dated February 4, 1972 under Judge Enrique A. Agana) It will surely answer your question. * DWCA- Decision With Compromisse Agreement

Or you can just state your point directly here. Then you can just reference your sources of info with some links.

Am not missing the point as per the blog. My point was plain and simple as to the relevance on how to check Land Titles (on the obvious ones). Again my first post was “HOW CAN A TCT (TRANSFER CERTIFICATE OF TITLE) DERIVED FROM OCT's (ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE OF TITLE) BE LEGAL IF AND WHEN OCT's WAS CANCELLED, NULL AND VOID “AB INITIO” as per Civil Case No. LR-3957-P (DWCA) which was CONFIRMED and AFFIRMED by SUPREME COURT EN-BANC DECISION under G.R. 103727 and G.R.106496.” What I was saying is and was the LEGALITY. If by “the above cited Philippine Jurisprudence”, Nimrod Flores

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