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Mr. Năm Nhã, whose real name is Dương Xuân Quả, was born in 1957 in Phu Hung commune, Phu Tan district, An Giang province. He showed his talent in electrical engineering and machinery when he was very little. After completing the 9th grade, like many young people in the countryside, he quit school to work as a farmer.

As a farmer, he has a deep understanding of one of the most severe hardships suffered by farmers - harvesting rice during the rainy season. Therefore, he determines to assemble and successfully complete the specialized drying equipment to serve the local users such as farmers and rice traders.

Being both a master and a learner, Mr Năm Nhã has experienced the highs and lows of his career through numerous experimentations. In 2002, he discovered a technical specification for a more energy-saving and efficient dryer. This dryer model dries rice effectively without breaking it into tiny pieces. As a result, the original quantity is maintained and the export standards are met.

Mr Năm Nhã (on the right) is showing entrepreneurs how to operate dryers.

This kiln model won the first prize in the Inventor Contest in 2014

His improved non-reversing kiln (rice stays in the same position) has gained a lot of trust from farmers and rice traders who have then afforded more and more of them.

Since its establishment in 2007, king of kilns has specialized in the production of the improved non-reversing rice dryers with a capacity from 2 to 80 tons. This dryer model saves lots of energy, has a high production output and meets the export standards. Moreover, Năm Nhã Dryer king has invested in storage systems containers and rice-transporting equipment.

On December 17, 2014, king of kilns won the first prize for the Farmer Inventor of the Year 2014. The contest was held by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Nam Nha enterprise helps dry a variety of produce such as rice, sticky rice, corns, coffee, pepper, and beans.

A honered farmer

In the 2014 Inventor Contest, a farmer from An Giang, Mr. Duong Xuan Qua (often called Nam Nha, originally com from Phu Hung and Phu Tan communes) won the first prize worth VND 400 million. This award is worthy because Mr Nam Nha has spent years researching and improving kilns that are useful for farmers. Because of this contribution, He was called “king of kilns”.

At the 2014 Inventor Gala organized by Vietnam Television Station, five products were selected for the final round, including: "Electric meter reading device", "plowing machine for terraced paddy fields", “long fruit-root extractor”, “ electric spring socket” and“ rice dryer ”." Finally, the product "rice kiln" of Mr. Nha has been chosen for the first prize. This selection was based on the fact that the post-harvest processing technology is a very urgent issue today for farmers. Moreover, the judges comments that the kilns have more outstanding characteristics than other products.

From an unskilled farmer, Nam Nha became an inventor of a modern rice kiln, reducing the costs of fuel, time and labor, ensuring environmental sanitation ... respectfully called the "king of the kiln" because he had improved the old-style kiln, helping farmers to dry rice very quickly in large quantities, and drying many other agricultural products. For nearly ten years, he has installed nearly 1,700 kilns for people in the region and in Cambodia. Many people like Mr. Nha’s kiln because it not only saves fuel, helps the rice to reach the moisture it needs but also does not have black ash, does not break the rice, meets export standards, contributes to improving the value of agricultural products.

In order to research a type of rice dryer, which was trusted by the people, then honored and won a prize of VND 400 million in the 2014 Inventor Contest, farmer Duong Xuan Qua has repeatedly failed, even gone broke. However, he has always persevered and accumulated the experiences after each failure. This helped him achieve success and his success also greatly helps Vietnam's agriculture.

Source: An Giang newspapers.

Duong Xuan Qua (Nam Nha)

Super-energy saver fan system and energy-saving inncinator;

Various burning materials: Rice husks;

Dried rice products meet the export standards, the rate of broken rice reach 3-5%, the germination rate of rice seeds is 95-97%;​

Can dry many agricutural products, such as: rice, corn, coffee, cocoa, chili, shrimp head shells, cassava, herbal...

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