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: 08/11/2019

Strength of the horizontal drying system compared to similar other products on the market

  1. Horizontal dryer Slot online manufactured and installed by Duong Xuan Qua Technology Co., Ltd. (precursor of Nam Nha Private Enterprise) with capacity from 2 tons to 80 tons.
  2. Use diverse burning materials such as rice husk, rice husk, wood firewood, coal, coffee husks, corn pulp …
  3. Incinerators are designed according to the direct Slot gacor  burning method, minimizing the effects of furnace smoke on the product. According to the layout design, the ash-blending-mixing-exhaust chambers before entering the drying bin.
  4. Reduce 30% of the cost for a batch compared to similar devices manufactured in the country due to reduced electricity and fuel costs.
  5. The drying regime has been much improved to game slot produce a dry product evenly (without batching), the humidity is reduced to 10-12%, the storage period lasts about 12 months for rice seed.

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Duong Xuan Qua (Nam Nha)

Super-energy saver fan system and energy-saving inncinator;

Various burning materials: Rice husks;

Dried rice products meet the export standards, the rate of broken rice reach 3-5%, the germination rate of rice seeds is 95-97%;​

Can dry many agricutural products, such as: rice, corn, coffee, cocoa, chili, shrimp head shells, cassava, herbal...

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