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: 08/11/2019

Duong Xuan Qua Post-Harvest Technology Co., Ltd.

(Nam Nha Private Enterprise)

- Specialized in manufacturing and installing agricultural dryers with a capacity

2 tons to 150 tons/batch -

Duong Xuan Qua Post-Harvest Technology Limited Company (formerly known as Nam Nha), was established on November 19, 2018. Formerly Nam Nha Private Slot online Enterprise specializes in manufacturing and installing systems and equipment. drying agricultural products with a capacity of 2 tons to 150 tons /batch. Can dry a variety of agricultural products such as rice, corn, coffee, cocoa, chili, cassava, longan, herbal ...

With the premise that Nam Nha Private Enterprise, the company has developed, improved and perfected a system of horizontal blyster dryer with a capacity of 150 tons/batch. Slot gacor  This is a useful product for rice drying/milling facilities in the Mekong Delta region in particular and the whole country in general. Besides, it is also the first-place winner at the Inventor Gala Final 2014. The horizontal blyster dryer system with a capacity of 150 tons/batch is one of the products of the National Real Technology Innovation Program. From 2016 to 2018, managed by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The system consists of the incinerator, complete fan and conveyor belt that transports rice from boats to drying tanks integrated with separate modules so it is very convenient to increase the system productivity. All stages are installed with an automatic system, stabilizing fan base, accumulating air, no need to turn back. The incinerator is designed and manufactured according to the direct burning method, minimizing the effects of furnace smoke on the product according to the layout design game slot of the combustion chambers - separating ash - mixing - sucking air before entering the drying bin. Thanks to this design, it is possible to reduce 30% of the cost compared to similar devices made in the country due to the reduction of electricity and fuel costs, saving 50-60% of the operating labor.

The outstanding advantage of horizontal blyster dryer is that it is possible to dry milk rice (opaque rice) per batch of 80 - 150 tons but still achieve high quality by adjusting the low temperature and extending the drying time (60 - 70h ). Nam Nha dryer is still able to stabilize the wind speed, regulate the air temperature as desired so the rice grain does not break, from having to screen for broken rice.

From 2002 to the present, the team of engineers and workers of Nam Nha Private Enterprise have produced nearly 2,000 fixed kilns (exported to Cambodia 50 ovens) and 20 mobile floating ovens. Recently, Mr. Nam Nha has also built the smallest mini-dryer in Vietnam (capacity of 5kg / batch). The majority of customers choose an improved dryer in Nam Nha not only because of its cheap price but also slot resmi deposit dana because of its brand and quality; especially reducing operating costs, contributing to an annual increase of nearly 40% for businesses compared to conventional dryers with the same capacity.

In addition to production and business activities, the company always strives to contribute positively to the State Budget through the completion of tax payment, as well as contribute to promoting the sustainable development of communities and communes. Vietnam Association with many practical and meaningful activities.

Throughout the history of formation and development, with the continuous efforts of all workers, they have achieved great achievements & continuously developed, fulfilled the mission for customers and made significant contributions. Tell the story of Vietnam's post-harvest industry. With these achievements, the company was honored to be awarded the Top 100 "Sustainable Asia Brand in 2019" by the kuta4d  Science Business Entrepreneurs Union.

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Duong Xuan Qua (Nam Nha)

Super-energy saver fan system and energy-saving inncinator;

Various burning materials: Rice husks;

Dried rice products meet the export standards, the rate of broken rice reach 3-5%, the germination rate of rice seeds is 95-97%;​

Can dry many agricutural products, such as: rice, corn, coffee, cocoa, chili, shrimp head shells, cassava, herbal...

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