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: 14/11/2019

"Perfectly Slot online made rice milk"

• DUONG XUAN QUA MILK RICE, a brand of Slot deposit pulsa new milk rice has just been launched recently. Milk rice is one of the premium fragrant rice types suitable for children, who prefer soft, supple rice and are especially suitable for high-class restaurants. The rice is still fragrant and flexible after cooking 24 hours.
• Long, slender rice grains. After the use of special horizontal blister drying technology will reduce the moisture content, can be stored all year round and especially suitable for export.
• Moisture <10% - Broken rate <3%

• Special: Milk fragrant rice when cooking porridge will give game slot a delicious aroma.
• Currently, milk rice is available at Than Tai stop. Address: 679 QL91, Hamlet Binh Phu 2, Chau Thanh, An Giang. Phone: 0296 3651 333

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Duong Xuan Qua (Nam Nha)

Super-energy saver fan system and energy-saving inncinator;

Various burning materials: Rice husks;

Dried rice products meet the export standards, the rate of broken rice reach 3-5%, the germination rate of rice seeds is 95-97%;​

Can dry many agricutural products, such as: rice, corn, coffee, cocoa, chili, shrimp head shells, cassava, herbal...

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