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Futaba’s experience of Kou starts alternatively complicated

Ngày đăng : 04/07/2022

Futaba's experience of Kou starts alternatively complicated

Kou Mabuchi

This lady first 12 months of middle school, she preferred brand new nice and you may innocent Kou. Whenever she found Kou again into the high school, she try thrown of of the their this new thinking and you can was still in love with the outdated your. Later she turns out acknowledging Kou's "new" personality and discovered their worry about shedding in deep love with him. Throughout the temperatures of-the-moment, Futaba sometimes acts really flirtatious having Kou and says things she will never say. The hard for their noticeable feelings locate on Kou, as specific exactly how since the "wall" between them vacation trips, another variations.

Futaba will getting a little jealous, but mainly dishearten when Kou reveals passion on the Narumi. She cannot some discover Kou's feelings to possess Narumi and just why the guy has to always be from the the lady side. After confronting Narumi about how she feels from the Kou and you may finding away she actually is indeed crazy about him, so it just develops Futaba's uneasiness off men and women two's matchmaking. Not able to continue feeling just how she is actually, Futaba decides to admit to help you Kou, however, becomes refused (that it experience still doesn't necessarily change exactly how much she wants Kou). Just after the woman attitude are turned-down, Futaba attempts to completely delete Kou away from the girl lifestyle to your point you to she even pushes your out https://datingranking.net/pl/fabswingers-recenzja/ when he attempts to hug the lady, without knowing Kou's intention to tell the girl the guy loves this lady. [4] Sooner or later, she gets towards the girl strong emotions for Kou and you can hopes for both of them to check out though on their vow. With the nights the structured conference, Yoshioka gets afflicted that have concern about permanently losing Kou shortly after hearing he was accepted to help you a medical facility after getting involved in a good car crash. Relieved of the discovering they are real time and well with only problems and bruises, in tears she talks the lady notice to be afraid of the newest notion of never to be able to become which have him. Immediately following revealing kisses and you can believed brand new go out which was a lot of time delinquent once the secondary school, it in the end become two.

Yuri Makita

Futaba finds out Yuuri most adorable. She sees her as the a valuable pal, which type out of eliminated this lady away from trying to give Yuuri (which stated she loves Kou) one she as well as got ideas to have Kou. Often she can't overcome Yuuri whenever this woman is advancing her projects to get having Kou, that renders the lady end up being a tiny abandoned. However,, Futaba do not let the problem of enjoying a similar person get in the form of their relationship. Over the years, its bond improves and so they usually work a whole lot more sisterly so you're able to the stage where Futaba is scolded because of the Yuuri to your several times.

Shuko Murao

Shuuko is additionally a buddy that Futaba cherishes. Because Shuuko 's the "natural people" (in the same way out of she doesn't have emotions having Kou particularly Yuuri and you can Futaba), it isn't difficult for Futaba to track down advice on the lady issues with Kou together with uneasiness she seems very often. Unlike Aya, Futaba is not troubled by proven fact that Shuuko has actually emotions to have Tanaka-sensei, she actually aids her due to the fact that she will be able to know very well what Shuuko is certainly going whether or not and get might possibly study on Shuuko and you may Tanaka-sensei's relationship.

Toma Kikuchi

Futaba's first correspondence having Touma are instead sad, where she wound up stumbling and you may dropping on top if the him and affect holding an embarrassing area toward his muscles. This bring about the woman bashful and you will self-conscious choices to him. After cleaning up the fresh misunderstanding, capable cam generally speaking. She can be version of unaware out of Touma's thinking for the lady and you will notices your simply due to the fact a buddy (primarily because when actually ever the woman is as much as your she has a tendency to think from the Kou). Futaba are shocked after Touma's confession so you can the lady, however, does not know how to perform. But not, today actually starts to let you know a whole lot more need for Touma and also tries to find out if she will feel the kind of attitude she has actually for Kou, having him. Having knowing how sweet out of one Touma are, she actually starts to believe that they might have very reasonable matchmaking.

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